OK, so, today the smartass is in rare form.  And today I have been sneezing, and when I do I hear Gesundheit!  So, that gets the smartass gears turning, and I ask myself what is a Gesund, and how to I hold it tight, or how do I tighten it??  And what happens if the Gesund is loose?  Do you need a special tool to tighten a Gesund?  Is it made by Craftsman, or Snap-On??  And what are the tightening specifications, ft/lb, in/ lb?  Enquiring Minds want to know!

New Laxative??

OK, so, I am a complete smartass, this has been well established.  Now, that being said, I came across something today as I was reading my facebook page, and a smartass thought came to my mind.  Now, some may feel this is blasphemous, but, in all things there is humor, and if you cannot have a good laugh then I say lighten up.  So, I will not give any links to the original post but, it was like this.  Just wanting to say that no matter what you are going through…. Just remember Philippians .4:13… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  So, that being said, a sly thought crossed my mind.  So, imagine being constipated for a few days, and as you are trying to push with all your might you yell out Jesus Christ and whooosh splash!!  So, in that you could say Jesus Christ helped get you moving again, and is a new laxative!!  I know some will yell and scream, but, humor is also part of life, and sometimes a good laugh is a good laugh.

And Let The Games Begin!

I know it has been a while since I have written an updated blog post. Yes, there have been many things I could have posted about, however, they would have come across as snarky, nasty or downright mean, and that is not the intent of my blog. Yes, there are many things I have a passion about, and therefore, my feelings, and slant, could affect the tone of my post. I will post how I feel about subject, but, hoping to stick to facts and not let my emotions color the words and feelings I am trying to convey. However, I have decided, that yes, I will allow the snarky, nasty and mean feeling to show in my posts if I feel it is necessary to get my point across. So, saying that, I am hoping I will not censor myself too much in order as to not offend others, and still get my point of view across. I realize, some may not agree with my point of view, and that is perfectly fine with me. I am looking to have discussions on the topics I post about, and I do know some passions may be involved, but, I do ask, that if possible please state facts, and keep replies civil. I am hoping to have my own commentary on relevant topics beginning very soon, so please watch this space.

Bigoted Backwards Bible Thumpin’ Texas

Yes, I live in Texas. It is one of the most bigoted, backwards, and most bible thumpin’ states there is. Now, Texas has refused to give the daughter of the Mayor of Houston a Driver’s License, because get this, she has two mothers listed on her birth certificate. And another women was denied a Driver’s License because she took the last name of her wife when they were married LEGALLY in California. I still have my Illinois Driver’s License, which expires in 2016, not because I am lazy to go get one, but, because I am afraid of the bigoted backwards bible thumpin’ bastards I will probably encounter in obtaining said license. Now why would I have an issue in obtaining a Driver’s License from the DPS you may ask? Well, I am a male to female Transsexual, and as of this time, I have not had my final surgery, so, my birth certificate, still shows my sex as male. However, back in Illinois, after I have had my name legally changed, and provided the legal name change documentation, I was able to have a Driver’s License that has female as sex, since it does make like easier when dealing with Law Enforcement, as it helps stop potential profiling. But, here in Texas, after seeing all the hatred and telling members of the LGBT community that they hope we all die and burn in hell, it makes me fear for my life. Now I was not fearful back in Chicago, but, seeing how people here are, it does frighten me. I know I am outing myself in a big way on this blog, as I really don’t tell anyone about myself. But, I am hoping that someone may see this, and understand, that I am a person too, just like all the others in the LGBT community. All we are hoping for is to have a life, in which we don’t have to fear simply walking down the street, or obtaining an ID, or Driver’s License, without being denied, because of who we love, or who we feel we truly are. The same could be said of all the minorities in this country and around the world. Just because someone is different, does that mean you automatically have to hate them, or kill them? I say, no, embrace the differences of humanity, it is because of our differences that humanity has the best chance for survival. If we all were the same, life would be boring, there would be no drive to create beauty, in how one may perceive their Deity, or in how they have faith, or in their culture, or in even love. So, please, open your minds, and your hearts to how others live, and let us all live in peace, and harmony around the world.

Life Sucks, and Then, It Sucks Even More!

Yeah, life sucks, and then it sucks even more!! I am just so completely tired of banging my head up against the damned brick wall of life. You know the saying take one step forward and two steps back? Well, I never get to take the first step forward, but, I just keep getting pushed back. And not just the proverbial two steps, seems to be more like at least 10 or so. Definitely, in the US the rich get richer and the poor (me) get stomped on till there is absolutely nothing left, no fight, no will to try, nothing, the fucking well is dry, and they squeezed the last bit outta me. I am an empty husk with nothing inside but bitterness and despair. So, now the ramblings will get to where I will speak my mind and damned the consequences, because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn anymore.

A Proposal for Congress

There has been a lot of talk about the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that gave person-hood status to corporations. But, if a corporation is now a person, does that also give the right to vote to said ‘corporation person’? Since being a citizen, of the United States also grants you a right to vote. Gives you something to think about? And who would be the one to cast the vote as a corporation cannot walk into the polling place and cast their vote? Certainly couldn’t be one of the other people who work for, or own the corporation, as that would be voter fraud. And as many states are now passing voter ID laws, how would the corporation get themselves an ID? Yes, I know, this all sounds so silly doesn’t it? But, so is the idea that a corporation is a person. A person is a living breathing being, has blood flowing through their body, and needs nutrients to sustain life, and has the ability to reproduce, has cognitive thoughts (OK, I know not all people have cognitive thoughts, take Congress, and the Supreme Court for example) But, then does that also mean that a corporation now has all the rights a person has in the United States? They supposedly have the right to free speech, aka spending money for political campaigns, does this also now give them the right to bear arms, and all of the other rights we as Americans have? And if a corporation is found to commit a crime, where is the corporation incarcerated if jail time is the punishment?

So, Congress…………..WAKE UP!!!! Thank you! Now that I have your attention, this is my proposal, which you pass a law decreeing that a person, must be a living breathing HUMAN, and not an entity who’s only reason for being is to protect the owners of the corporation from being held responsible for the actions of said corporation. And that a person, must be alive, and made of flesh, and bone, and tissues, and cells, in order to vote, and have free speech, and be able to donate to campaigns. And I would also propose, that a cap of $10,000 be set as a limit to any one campaign. And that you may only donate to campaigns which directly have an impact on your life, so, can only donate within the state you VOTE in, and to a national campaign. So, if say you live in Kansas, you could not donate to campaigns in say Georgia, for state offices. And we get away with all the political PACs, but, can still donate to a national campaign of the candidate you support. And every donation is able to be seen as to the donor and amount. I also think we should do away with ALL lobbying, and that ALL members of congress, should provide a way of letting their constituents weigh in on how their representative or senator votes.

I know this was a bit rambling, but, just a few things I would like to propose to Congress, there may be more in the future, depending on the days I actually do let my delusional mind ramble.

Dealing With Things

I have been dealing with depression for a long time in my life.  I have my own way of dealing with it and normally I have a pretty good handle on it.  However, lately it has been more and more difficult for me to be able to control it in my normal ways.  It may just be the weather that has intensified it but, I’m not sure.  My moods are getting increasingly dark and going to scary places that I don’t wish to traverse.  I am finding it harder to sleep and when I do it is a much deeper sleep and harder to wake up when I want to.  My sleep schedule is so completely messed up that I don’t know when I will wake up.  If I have somewhere to be at a specific time I am afraid I will not wake up.  I have set alarms and just sleep right through them.  I have even asked friends to call me to help me wake up but they are not always able to call me.  I know I shouldn’t need to depend on others to make sure I wake up but, for some reason the phone can seem to wake me up.  This inability for me to wake up and have a normal sleep schedule is also fueling my depression.  I don’t want this to continue but I don’t really see any proverbial light at the end of the depression tunnel.  This is one time I just cannot get a grasp on this and it just has me at a loss.  Now, I am not expecting anyone to have answers for me but I am hoping my putting it out there into the universe I may get some help from the Gods.  I am not begging for their help but, asking respectfully that they help me reset my sleep clock.  Well, I am going to go to sleep now so I will wake up at a normal time tomorrow.  Have a good night all,